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This satellite imagery is now used in other mapping solutions, such as the ubiquitous Google Maps, giving us theability to see the world from the comfort of our homes. Google's satellite imagery looks great, but as those in the tech world know, there is no such thing as "good enough". Better is always just around the corner, and today, the search giant announces that its imagery has been improved. "Landsat 8, which launched into orbit in 2013, is the newest sensor in the USGS/NASA Landsat Program -- superior to its predecessors in many ways. Landsat 8 captures images with greater detail, truer colors, and at an unprecedented frequency -- capturing twice as many images as Landsat 7 does every day. This new rendition of Earth uses the most recent data available -- mostly from Landsat 8 -- making it our freshest global mosaic to date", says Chris Herwig, Program Manager, Google Earth Engine. Herwig further says, "to produce this new imagery, we used the same publicly available Earth Engine APIs that scientists use to do things like track global tree cover, loss, and gain; predict Malaria outbreaks; and map global surface water over a 30 year period.Like our previous mosaic, we mined data from nearly a petabyte of Landsat imager -- thats more than 700 trillion individual pixels -- to choose the best cloud-free pixels. To put that in perspective, 700 trillion pixels is 7,000 times more pixels than the estimated number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, or 70 times more pixels than the estimated number of galaxies in the Universe". Holy cow, y'all.

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is proud to announce the redesign of their website Target Points Inc Engage your Audiences with Target Points Past News Releases RSS Garden City, NY (PRWEB) June 28, 2016 Rebuilt from the ground up, Target Points new site hosts an easily navigable and user-friendly layout, eBooks and guides for its visitors viewing pleasure, as well as being fully compatible with phone, tablet, and desktop devices. gives users easy access to information on all of its digital services including Responsive Web Design , Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Management (SMM), which are integrated in an inbound marketing strategy, with the goal of engaging audiences among small to medium sized businesses. In additional to its primary services, Target points can also assist with businesses in call tracking, digital branding, and local listings. Offering tons of insightful and engaging content, the sites library page provides visitors with eBooks, guides, and marketing tips on how to optimize their digital strategy and online presence. Fully integrated throughout social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, ensures that its followers remain up-to-date on information that can help their business on the journey to conquering their digital landscape. Lead Web Developer of Vincent Minichiello is especially enthusiastic about sites unveiling: It was a long road but seeing our vision finalized was worth the hard work. Just the idea of visitors seeing what the site can and what were offering as a digital agency is enough to get excited. People are really going to love it. Copywriter of Target Points , Malik Gay also expressed his delight over the new and improved website, stating, As a digital agency our main priority is to show businesses that we can engage their audiences, and that begins with our website first and foremost. With this redesigned site weve done just that, displaying why were the ones for the job. The renovated went live on 5/1/16. Target Points Inc.

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Men usually are wearing suits and women are dressed smart in an office-like manner. An alarm, calendar, calculator, 'to-do' list, stopwatch, time and notes are built-in. Other than lacking the Xenon flash the C903 is much like the C901. What is a Corporate Headshot? The C901 is a solid, classic looking cell no one would be surprised to see James Bond whips out of a dinner jacket pocket to make a top secret call with while the C903 is a bit more free-wheeling. tracked helps a music enthusiast by identifying a song's title and artist then offering a link. Both the C901 and C903 have auto focus, video stabilizer, image stabilizer, face detection, smile detection and digital zoom. Active Portraits - those are business in action portraits often portraying active environment, energy and personality of the person c. These phones are both adaptable for use with bogging with video recording, and video stabilizer. The C903 works the same as the C901, but just edges its fellow Sony product out by nature of colon appeal.

CEO covers everything from your website to social media accounts and everything in between, but this doesn't mean you need to log in to multiple services to measure performance. You’ll use this format: goggle If you need more help, goggle has provided a more detailed guide in the Support section of goggle Webmaster Tools. DoFollow links are a core building block of CEO. goggle AdWords Keyword Tool is a great way to get keyword ideas and find the best text for your audience. Therefore, if your business is not listed in the “five best” on goggle Organic Search, you lose. Price: Free. Starting a goggle+ account and developing your brand through Circles helps get high PageRank back links to your website. Sorry we cannot be more detailed on that subject, but Google search engine optimization is our speciality.

There is a post about it in the Local Search Forums with a copy of the email sent to one local SEO: Were glad to inform you that your listing is eligible to be verified via a new method were exploring: Video Verification. Video Verification is an experimental method and youre under no obligation to try it, but we hope that you will (and that youll find it quick and convenient.) Video Verification can be completed via a video call with our specialist from either your workplace or your vehicle. - Workplace - To show us where you get your work done. This will include showing our specialist around your workspace, your business logo, and the tools you use. If you meet customers on your premises well want to see your public space as well. - Vehicle - To show us how you get to your customers. This will include showing our specialist the license plate of your registered motor vehicle (sorry, no public transit accepted at this time) and your business logo On the vehicle. If you carry tools or other instruments of your trade in your vehicle, thats ideal. Whats next?

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